Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria: How to start making money from a blog in Nigeria via affiliate programs

Are you looking to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria? This article details some of the most popular, trustworthy, and worth-joining affiliate programs. These affiliate programs aren’t just the ones that pay well, they are affiliate programs that have a pretty low barrier of entry.

I tried to compile this list based on individual niches, so after stating the affiliate program, I try to detail the type of websites or businesses that could try these offers.

In case you are new to the world of affiliate marketing as an internet marketer in Nigeria, or you’re new to making money online by creating a website and promoting affiliate offers, you can always join my free online classes, just take my email from the author bio below and shoot me an email indicating your interest. Alternatively, you could read through my articles on web hosting and creating a website.

Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria: How to start making money from a blog in Nigeria via affiliate programs

  • Jumia Affiliate Program
  • Maxbounty or Clickbank or CJ
  • Konga Affiliate Program
  • Amazon Associates

Let’s talk about the very best, most trusted affiliate marketing programs that anyone interested in going into this affiliate marketing business can and should try out.

Jumia Affiliate Program

If you have a WordPress or Blogger website, or you have some sort of audience on either Instagram or YouTube as an Influencer, Jumia affiliate program is an amazing choice. That is especially true if you have a Nigerian centric audience.

Jumia has one of the best affiliate programs in Nigeria, they offer excellent tracking of your referred sales, giving you the commission you deserve. Jumia also pays your affiliate earnings straight into your Nigerian bank account, so there aren’t all the issues that we sometimes face with receiving payments from the international affiliate offers we sometimes promote.

A great way to take advantage of this business in Nigeria is to work hard to build an online community, it has now become even easier these days. If you are reading this article, chances are that you were referred to this article from Google; and just so you know, I didn’t pay a single kobo. It’s all part of what we now know as SEO (search engine optimization). If you join my free classes, you also might get a chance to learn the very secrets of growing a blog and getting free traffic here in Nigeria.

Maxbounty or Clickbank or CJ (Commission Junction) Affiliates

Now, here is one secret I’d love to share with anyone who is looking to start affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing isn’t only about the promotion of affiliate products. If you start affiliate marketing, you also get a chance to promote either a product or service. You always get to choose based on which of these affiliate products is the best fit for your audience.

These affiliate programs are great for when you have a larger chunk of your audience in the western world. All you have to do is to enroll for these affiliate networks, look through their offers, see which you like and can promote, choose between promoting via the search engines or using paid ads (PPC) and start promoting your affiliate links.

If you do your job well, you should start getting clicks on your link in a matter of hours, and in some cases weeks, depending on the route you choose to take.

Maxbounty has a lot more products over services, Clickbank promotes more of digital offerings like online courses and programs. Commission Junction has a mix of both products and services.

If you are a marketer in Nigeria, the affiliate marketing business is enticing to you, and you are already charged up to start affiliate marketing, then these three companies have so many affiliate products, and you can trust that you would find one that you’d love to promote.

These affiliate networks have very stringent TOS. And it’s pretty easy to get kicked off their platforms when they see someone breaking those rules. Since some of the affiliate offers they promote are those that only require conducting surveys, it would be dishonest of you to fill those surveys using some sort of VPN just to have that affiliate commission. Be honest, play by the rules, and you’ll enjoy the affiliate marketing business.

Konga Affiliate Program

If we have a list of the best affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria, Konga affiliate program is one that we can’t do without bringing up. Like Jumia, the company is a very reputable affiliate program in Nigeria.

In recent years, though, Konga has gone through one of the roughest rides of any company in the Nigerian eCommerce space, and the company hasn’t seen the kind of growth you would expect in a country that doesn’t have the likes of Amazon to compete.

While it hasn’t been in the faces of customers as much as it used to, Konga remains the second biggest eCommerce company in Nigeria.

One of the reasons why promoting affiliate products and services produces faster results than creating your product or service from scratch is that affiliate marketing tends to sell products of brands that customers trust. The trust that people have for these companies is one of the reasons why many referrals convert into sales.

Konga Nigeria still has that reputation in Nigeria, and if you are planning on jumping into affiliate marketing in Nigeria, Konga is one of those places where you can start as a beginner and never get burned.

Amazon Associates

The world’s biggest eCommerce brand has its affiliate program, and this program is present in all the countries it covers. If you have an online community, and you would want to promote a specialized product, like DSLR cameras or other camera equipment, or promote phones or beauty products, amazon allows you make a commission whenever someone, from any corner of the world, buys a product on Amazon via your affiliate link.

For newbies who plan to start a blog, targeting the USA market for many niches has become very competitive, and the chances of making it to the front page of the Google search engine has become very hard in the USA. A common trick I discovered to promote your affiliate link and get clicks on your links, is to try to rank for keywords in other countries.

Countries like France, Spain, Italy, Australia, Canada, India, and many others have large search traffic, but not as high competition. This drastically reduces the barrier of entry for anyone wishing to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria today.

These are my best affiliate marketing programs for Nigerians. All of these pay you straight to your bank accounts, they are selling products and services, so you wouldn’t need to buy anything or keep an inventory. When someone buys through your link, the products are sent directly and you get your cut.

If you know your way or are ready to learn your way around search engine optimization, you can start making money by promoting your affiliate link to a product, a service, or even different types of online businesses.

Feel free to drop me an email (my email is in the bio below) and I’d be sending you a special invite when I’m holding my next free online blogging and affiliate marketing class.

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