Adventure Sync Not Working on Pokémon Go – 4 Best Fixes for Android and iOS

With Adventure Sync, exploring on Pokémon Go has never been easier. Adventure Sync is a feature that allows Pokémon Go to link to either the Google Fit or Apple Health apps on your Android or iPhone/iPad devices. It helps to track your traveling distances even when the Pokémon GO app is not launched, encouraging you with great rewards. Plus, it delivers weekly summaries, detailing your progress.

However, there are certain times when you may experience Adventure Sync not working on Pokémon Go. When this happens, the feature will fail to track your progress accurately or not at all.

What Causes Adventure Sync Not Working on Pokemon Go?

Various things result in the Adventure Sync not working on your Pokémon Go. Some of these reasons have been listed below:

  • Your game may not be fully closed
  • Battery Saver blocking Adventure Sync on Android devices
  • A delay in sync between Google Fit/HealthKit and the app
  • The Time zone on your device set manually

How to Fix Adventure Sync Not Working on Pokémon Go

Now that we know what may be causing the Adventure Sync feature not to work as it’s supposed to, let us examine various fixes. Remember, your Pokémon Go app has to be closed before Adventure Sync can work. Also, set the time zone on your phone to update automatically.

Fix 1: Ensure that adventure Sync is enabled in Pokémon Go

  • Start your Pokémon Go app on your Android or iOS device.
    • Press the Poke ball.
    • Navigate to the settings and confirm that the Adventure Sync box is checked.
    • If it is not, tap it and confirm when a confirmation box pops up.

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Fix 2: Confirm that Adventure Sync has all the app permissions required

For iOS:

  • Go to your Apple Health app and tap “sources”
  • From the options presented, select Pokémon Go
  • Tap on “Turn on every category” to toggle on all the items on the list.
  • Go to your device Settings
  • Navigate to Privacy, and tap on Apps.
  • Tap on Pokémon Go, and allow access to all of the options.
  • Back to Privacy, tap to open “Motion & Fitness”.
  • Choose ‘Fitness Tracking” and turn it on.
  • Once again, navigate to Privacy. Open “Location Settings”.
  • Tap on Pokémon Go and make sure the location permission is set to “Always Allow”.

For Android:

  • Open quick settings, and press and hold Location. Toggle your Location on.
  • Open quick settings once more. Click to open Settings.
  • Navigate to Apps and scroll until you locate Pokémon Go. Tap on it.
  • In Pokémon Go, tap on all the relevant checkboxes to grant them permissions.
  • Go back to Apps, and scroll to Android Fit.
  • Again, tap on all of the checkboxes to grant permissions.
  • Repeat the sequence of actions for the Google Play Services and Google apps.

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Fix 3: Turn off Battery Saver

If you are using an Android device, turn off Battery Saver. Your battery saver mode helps squeeze more juice from the battery of your Android device. It does this by limiting the performance of apps and services that run in the background. Since Adventure Sync does just that, when you are on Battery Saver mode, it may not work.

  • Swipe down the notification tray of your device.
  • Tap on the Battery Saver icon. If it is already on, tapping will toggle it off.

Alternatively, you can whitelist Pokémon Go on your Battery Saver. That way, even if the battery saver stays on, the performance of your Pokémon Go app and its features will not be adversely affected.

  • Go to your device settings.
  • Navigate to Battery and then tap on Battery Saver.
  • Select the menu item that allows you to choose apps that will power in the background.
  • Select Pokémon Go and tap on “No restrictions”.
  • Repeat the process for your Google Fit app.

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Fix 4: Make sure your Pokémon Go and Google Fit apps are linked

If you have carried out the steps above and your Adventure Sync is still not working, then both Pokémon Go and Google Fit apps may no longer be linked. To correct this,

  • Open your Google Fit app and navigate to the Profile tab.
    • Tap on the Settings icon and go to “Google Fit Data”.
    • Tap on “Manage Connected Apps” and pick Pokémon Go from the menu.
    • Tap on Disconnect and then Confirm.
    • Close the Google Fit app and wait for a few minutes. You may restart the device.
    • Open the Pokémon Go app, and navigate to Settings.
    • Tap on Adventure Sync, and then “Turn It On” to enable it.
    • To link both Adventure Sync and Google Fit, accept the prompt.

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Fix 5: Uninstall and Reinstall

The last resort is to uninstall and Reinstall your Pokémon Go app.

  • Go to your device settings.
    • Navigate to Apps, and select Pokémon Go.
    • Uninstall the app.
    • Go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to download and install a new app.


There you go – fixes to correct the issue of Adventure Sync not working on Pokémon Go on your Android or iOS device. Hopefully, one of them works for you.