5 Ways to Build and Improve PageRank

What is PageRank? Why should I care? How does a PageRank benefit me? These are all good questions. A PageRank is a numeric value that represents how important a web page is on the web often referred to as ‘PR’ in regards to the online world. Google considers and discovers when your website is LINKED to another site, that a vote is being cast on your site.

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Think popularity, when your link is among other sites Google starts to give you a PageRank. You should care about your PageRank because it can significantly increase your online presence, let alone your traffic. To give you an idea of what good page rank is; there are only 12 websites total with a PageRank of 10 – Google being one of them and USA.gov being another.

There are close to 150 domains PageRank 9 – with Facebook being one. Now I bet you’re wondering, ‘How does a PageRank benefit me?’ and ‘What should my PR be?’ Read on for this week’s 5 Ways To Help Build And Improve Your PageRank……

Guest Posting

Guest posting can be extremely effective in generating traffic to your site and helping build your PR. For example, if your site is a PR1 and you find a way to get an article that you have written for a high profile blog to be published, if done properly, your link should be included in the article bio or somewhere throughout the article. The best way to tackle guest posting is to search for the best in your industry and find a way to write guest posts for them. Most will have a curriculum and submission process already in place.

Submitting to Search Engines

Submitting to search engine directories is one of the first things you should do when trying to increase your PR. This is the easiest way to get a free link to your site. Most directories are free which makes for a no-brainer. Be on the lookout for how to submit to search engine directories.

Commenting on Top Blogs

Commenting is important. Be sure not to be spam or just comment on a post or topic that has nothing to do with your site or what you wrote. Start out by finding a few blogs that deal with your industry and try to bring value to the topic. What I mean by that is to try answering a question someone posted in the comment section; do this a few times before including a link for your site in each post. It’s professional and makes you look less spam-y. Once you start, stay active and join the community that your business is in.

Create Content Regularly

Being consistent is important. For example if you typically post once a week, then make sure to post at least once a week. Define a goal for your blog and make it happen. Publishing new content keeps your site fresh and lets Google know your snot a spam site.


Making sure your site is optimized properly with industry-specific keywords is important. This helps Google know what your site is about, making it easy to relate and direct searches to your site. When you reach this point, your PR should already be improved and the rank will continue to increase when you start receiving a decent amount of search engine traffic. Strive for a PR ranging from a 3-5, but by no means stop if you exceed a 5.

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