5 Reasons Why Gmail is Invaluable

We love Gmail and wholeheartedly recommend that if you are not using it presently, you should make the switch now. Seriously. Go HERE.

Worried about switching over? And how to let everyone know you have changed your email address? No worries. Gmail allows you to import and forward mail for POP/IMAP accounts. Don’t forget to create a custom signature in the settings option! Gmail also uses the ‘archive’ option – which basically stores your messages for future access while not taking up space in your inbox.

There are countless features in Gmail to improve efficiency and organization for you and your business. This week’s ‘Boss 5’ highlights 5 Reasons Why Gmail Is Invaluable. Try it out. You will thank us later… Well. You’ll thank Google.


Duh. Gmail is by far the best email option on the web. With your Gmail account, you’ll get plenty of free storage, numerous time-saving features and several ways to keep organized and effective. All for the low, low price of: Nothing!

Built-in Chat

The built-in chat feature makes life easy. With just one click you can chat, talk face to face, or dial with a voice all in your email window. You can set your status as available, busy, or even a custom message for colleagues. It even has an option to ‘invite to chat’ if you would rather not send an email and you see someone is online.


The labeling option is a valuable asset with Gmail. Labeling messages by color, importance, and with the ability to organize in folders – it helps to keep things simple and easy to find. Filtering messages allows you to create certain automated actions when emails come in.

For example, let’s say you have your WordPress requests for comment approvals being emailed to you; creating a filter will allow you to mark as read/unread, move to a certain ‘prioritized folder’ and ultimately allow you to prioritize your time effectively when those important emails come in.

After all, emails can take up a large portion of your day without you even noticing. We recommend you be as proficient as possible when catching up on emails.

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Gmail uses HTTPS encryption to keep your mail secure – just like bank websites. Security is extremely important in email, especially for those who are running a business and need to keep sensitive information protected. Google, being one of the largest companies in the world, makes it obvious that your safety is guaranteed with Gmail.


Now I know the search option is available with almost any email account, but the search option in Gmail is extremely detailed. You will find the exact message you are looking for. Whether you are searching by keyword, content, or by name, the search option in Gmail is outstanding.

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