10 Least Targeted Dropshipping Business Niches

These questions- Are you into the dropshipping business? Do you own a Shopify store? Or are you still thinking of starting one- applies to you if you have decided to join the profitable drop shipping business (This is a business where you operate an online store without ever having to manage/handle any inventory). But before you run off and become a part of the bandwagon, there is something you would consider. And that is aiming for a dropshipping niche that is largely untouched but promises handsome returns on your investment.

Before we proceed, it is logical to ask at this point what a niche market is?

A Niche drop shipping business

A niche market is a tightly defined market segment that has a similar trait in common. Bound by a common interest, location, demographic, or problem; this group of people share one characteristic that allows them to be readily grouped as a unique sub-section of a market.

Put together, a niche dropshipping business means that you run a Shopify store that caters to the peculiar needs/wants/desires of a particular market segment.

The idea behind creating a niche business is creating a balance between sufficient demand and limited competition. In this way, you are able to enjoy increased sales and repeat/referral business.

But before you exclaim ‘Eureka’ and ride off into the vast e-commerce space, take note that there are a few rules of engagement in dropshipping niches, these include:

  1. Identify that there is Sufficient Demand: Research and ensure that your selected dropshipping niche has enough people searching for the product, and are willing to pay for it.
  2. Not overly competitive: You would ideally want less competition because the opportunity is only for people like you who have dug farther, deeper and wider.
  3. Physical product opportunities:  The main priority is finding a niche that has a related physical product that can be sold.
  4. Additional Monetization Options: Under this guideline, you should go for a niche that presents the opportunity for value-added up-sell abilities i.e. where the sale of one product triggers interest in a related product or good.

 So as a summary, always bears in mind that a great niche dropshipping product has the following characteristics:

  • The particular product is hard to find elsewhere online,
  • Potential buyers  find it hard to guess the price,
  • The product looks and sounds interesting and entices the buyer to click,
  • You can sell the product  without much research,
  • The product is not too expensive.

Now that we have these tips in hand, without further ado, here is a list of 10 least targeted dropshipping niches that you should consider going into:

  1. Moon lamps

Under the broad category of home lighting and decoration, moon lamps portray the philosophy behind creating a niche dropshipping business from its sale. For starters, it is unique and interesting; people would want to know more about it and you can sell at a bargain price on your Shopify store.

  • World Map watches

Under the fashion and accessories category, you can branch out of the highly competitive personal wristwatch to offer this fascinating product. World map wristwatches offer a number of unique selling points that your store can take advantage of: they are classic, can be worn by both sexes and they give a modern twist to the concept of keeping time and knowing places.

Your potential target markets may include individuals who are frequent travelers, artifact collectors among others.

  • Gold-plated Flowers

If you believe that there is still romance in the world and every day is an opportunity for people in relationships to share timeless moments, then stock up your Shopify store with this product.

Flowers have always been an enduring way of expressing affection, but live flowers ultimately wither and die. Now, however, you can offer buyers the opportunity of a giving long lasting reminder to loved ones with the gold-plated flower. Think of what this addition could bring to your financial bottom line, especially on days like Valentine, wedding anniversaries as well as birthdays (people celebrate one or more of these events EVERYDAY, so you can appreciate the huge potential).

Your target audience will range from young lovers to couples and pure romantics.

  • Dog water bottles

It said that a dog is man’s most loyal friend. So why don’t you take advantage of the man-creature bond, by offering a product that cements this relationship. Arising from products offered in pet care and accessories, dog water bottles are for passionate pet owners, who are on the search for new products to pamper their pets with.

Reach out to specific target groups and individuals in communities centering on the ownership and care of a variety of pets.

  • Elephant pillows

Let your Shopify store stock up on these products. They are excellent means of teaching and entertaining kids about the animals they learn about in school. For starters, the product is unique and possesses a unique appeal for children. In addition, they are hard to find elsewhere and come at an affordable price.

Logically, you should target schools, family groups, and parenting forums, to bolster the sales of Elephant pillows in the shortest possible time.

  • Multipurpose water bottles

Zoom in on these water bottles from the broad category of personal training/grooming equipment. The unique feature of these bottles is that they can be used by both adults and kids alike. For adults, the bottles come handy with compartments that can hold different liquids as well as pills and supplements. The bottles are also light (a great plus for dropshipping), come in a variety of colors and they do not burn a hole in the buyer’s pocket.

Reach out to target groups such as fitness communities and sports people.

  • Animal rings

Stock on this unique product if you have an eye on the jewelry market. Especially for those buyers looking for distinctive ornamental pieces.

These rings are easy to source and should immediately strike a chord with potential and existing buyers.

Within the vast jewelry and beauty sector, you may want to zoom in on women (and men) who desire to stand out from the crowd with fashionable rings.

  • Puzzle Mugs

Talk about satisfying one’s craving for the body and mind at the same time with this great product. Puzzle mugs are sure hits with offices, schools and other formal/informal organizations.

Puzzle mugs are niche alternatives in the home and office décor category and they are interesting enough to prompt buyers to make purchases.

  • Choker necklaces

If you don’t let the name frighten you, you will find that this product will perform excellently among target audiences that include women with an eye for uniqueness and exclusivity in the general business of women fashion and accessories.

These necklaces are available in a wide range of styles, materials, and colors, so you can offer products that will suit a variety of tastes and styles.

  1.   Arrow bracelets

Again, the world of fashion/ jewelry for women offers you the opportunity to strip down to selling arrow bracelets.

For starters, these bracelets catch the eye for their minimalist design, hence your target audience should be women who want to look good with jewelry that is not too loud and still noticeable. Your cause will be helped because the bracelets are made from premium material and come in trendy designs.

Stock up on this niche product and watch your Shopify store experience bumper sales in short while.


Niche dropshipping provides an opportunity for you to create a foothold in a fledging area and make handsome returns before intense competition sets in. A good place to start organizing your dropshipping business around niche products is by carrying out a detailed research on the products that are in high demand but have little visibility.

The above list is by no means exhaustive, as there are tons of other products that offer specialization and delineation of markets.

The goal for you is to select one or more products and to start your niche dropshipping business today!

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