10 Best Video Chat Apps with Strangers Online

Do you have that obsession with the eccentric? Then you’re not alone. I know our parents and guardians would tell us not to talk to strangers while growing up. But, while there are people who are terrified to talk to strangers, some find it exciting.

The internet has made making new friends and communicating with strangers infinitely easier. As they say, there’s an app for everything! However, Facebook, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype, and Viber won’t let you chat with strangers except if you have their contact or the app suggests them.

There are quite a few applications that allow strangers from all corners of the globe to chat with each other. The overabundance of options, however, can make a choice difficult. And then, you must consider the importance of privacy and security, two things too often underestimated, unfortunately.

This article will look at the (10) best video chat apps with strangers without compromising your privacy. Ready to discover them?

10 Best Video Chat Apps with Strangers Online


For me, Omegle is still the best video chat app with strangers online. If you want to meet new people, interact with like-minded souls and have fun, Omegle is an excellent site for you. Created in 2009, this is the springboard through which today’s online video chat apps for strangers came.

It is unlikely that the developers of Omegle in 2009 could have imagined how famous the video chat app idea for strangers would become after more than ten years. At that time, such services did not exist, and Internet users communicated via email, thematic forums, and regular text chats.

When it first got into the business of chatting, Omegle started as just a text chat app. However, the app now has a video chat feature.

This app has numerous noteworthy features used by millions of international users.

For example, it allows you to filter connections with other users based on common interests or country of origin.

However, one thing to note is Omegle gets overwhelmed by spam users. So stay alert to these users.

At the peak of Omegle’s popularity, its daily number of users often exceeded two million. However, the site suffered from poor moderation. Then there was a significant presence of trolls and scammers on the platform.

This alienated ordinary users who started looking for alternatives. However, it’s still an active app.


  • Ability to connect with people from many different countries.
  • Application of filters for users to connect with people of similar interests
  • Interaction with local users or from other countries.


  • Download Links: Android, iOS
  • Price: Free

RandoChat is, in a sense, a combination of Chatroulette and a dating site. As a result, RandoChat comes with all the features you expect from the best video chat apps with strangers online. If you have ever used Chatroulette, you will have no difficulty familiarizing yourself with RandoChat.

The app allows you to connect with a wide range of users by searching for keywords and applying filters. You can also interact with random people, share images, videos, and other multimedia content, and talk through video calls.

After registering, you must fill out a profile, add a photo or choose an avatar, find a nickname, and then indicate your gender and age. You can also select the desired gender and age of the search partners.

One of the main features of RandoChat is the ability to add exciting users to your Favorites list so that you can connect with them again in the future.

This feature is very convenient and allows you not to lose sight of a person. Another cool feature is that RandoChat doesn’t store your messages on the server, which makes the chat more private.

The platform doesn’t have a web version, but there are apps for iOS and Android.


  • All content is deleted after viewing.
  • Ability to send multimedia content of various types.
  • Ability to connect via video calls.
  • There is no need to provide personal information.


You most likely have Telegram installed on your phone, but you probably don’t know you can use it to video chat strangers. Yes, the same Telegram!

Telegram is not limited to helping you connect with other people; it does so while preserving the security of communications.

The option to make messages disappear after a certain period distinguishes Telegram from other messaging applications.

Also, you can chat and video-call strangers without needing a prior connection request. However, you can only chat with strangers nearby up to 6 kilometres away.

To use this feature, open your Telegram, and click the menu bar on the left side.

10 Best Video Chat Apps with Strangers Online

Then select the People Nearby feature to see people around you up to 6 kilometers.

10 Best Video Chat Apps with Strangers Online

Another noteworthy feature is creating groups containing up to two hundred users. Not enough for you? Telegram chats are protected by end-to-end encryption. In short, with Telegram, privacy and security are always guaranteed!


  • One of the most used chat applications in the world.
  • Secure messages and conversations.
  • Possibility of making messages disappear after a certain period.


MeetMe is an Android and iOS application that lets you stay in touch with millions worldwide. The app has up to 150 million active users per month.

The platform has many active users, making it one of the best video chat apps with strangers online.

Just create a profile, specify your interests and let MeetMe put you in contact with users considered compatible. It’s that simple.

Of course, you can customize your description and presentation to make yourself known more in-depth.

To use the video chat feature, tap the video chat icon, and you’ll be able to call friends with whom you’ve exchanged messages.


  • Interaction is possible with people living in all parts of the globe.
  • Large use base
  • You can create a profile to connect with people with similar interests.


CooMeet is called one of the best video chat roulettes for men, and this is fully justified. Firstly, the site only connects men to women and never fails.

Secondly, each girl confirms her data when registering, which excludes the presence of fake profiles and robots.

Thirdly, all the women here are genuinely interested in dating. There are no people in CooMeet who “come to observe. “

Added to these advantages of the CooMeet app, I have to mention that they have a practical web version and mobile app for iOS and Android.


  • Smooth user interface with high image and sound quality
  • Excellent moderation
  • Interesting program of affiliation
  • An impeccable gender filter
  • The best option for men looking for girls


  • Download Links: Android, iOS
  • Price: Free

Chatous integrates features similar to those of the apps mentioned so far. It can be used to connect with people who live in other countries.

With Chatous, you can send photos during conversation sessions. The application cares about privacy and deletes all chat content after a few minutes.

The app interface is super intuitive. For example, Chatous suggests a list of people to chat with based on the information provided in your profile.

But it also allows you to add theme-specific tags so that other users can find you and connect to discuss common interests.


  • Sharing text, images, and videos with other people.
  • Connect with millions of users.
  • Interaction with people with similar interests.
  • Clear and intuitive interface
  • Live chat for cam chatting strangers


  • Download Links: Android
  • Price: Free

Less popular than others on this list of the best video chat apps with strangers online, Whisper is still an excellent option for making friends with people living all over the world.

The app includes a unique feature that acts as a filter to facilitate connection with other users and allows you to send text messages and chat directly and immediately.

In this way, contacting people with similar interests becomes relatively easy.

Direct messages can include anything: questions, phrases, secrets, etc. Whisper boasts millions of active international users.

You can create video Whispers to express yourself better.


  • It allows you to connect with millions of users from all over the world.
  • Applies filters to choose users to chat with.
  • It allows you to ask questions, send sentences, and share secrets.

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If you are looking for one of the best video chat apps with strangers online, Connected2.me is one of the safest and easiest-to-use apps.

Just create an account, enter your interests, and let the app help you find compatible users based on the information provided.

Connected2.me sets no geographical limits and supports connecting with people from all corners of the globe. And don’t you worry, there is no risk of your identity getting revealed.

Connected2.me keeps all user identities 100% secret. Also, the interface is smooth and beautiful but extremely simple to navigate.


  • It allows you to make friends with people from all over the world.
  • It allows you to speak freely without fear of being identified.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Ability to communicate textually or via video calls.
  • Ability to hide personal name and picture.


Moco is a unique and peculiar application full of functions and options of various kinds.

With Moco, you can add photos and videos to your profile, set your location to connect with nearby people, and manually select users to start a conversation.

Moco allows you to register with an email address or login using an existing Facebook account.


  • Various functionalities, with ease of interaction.
  • You can add pictures and videos to your profile.
  • Connection with nearby users.
  • Possibility of access with a Facebook account.

Sweet Chat

  • Download Links: Android
  • Price: Free

Sweet Chat is another excellent application for making friends and (why not) establishing romantic relationships with other people.

In addition to supporting conversations, Sweet Chat allows you to send multimedia content (photos, videos, voice notes), make calls, and more.

Before starting a chat, however, users must give their consent. This feature ensures the privacy of users on the platform.


  • You can find new people and add them as friends.
  • You can send gifts (cash prizes, for example) on the platform
  • Sharing of multimedia contents (photos, videos, voice notes).


Video chat apps have allowed people to meet and communicate with users from other countries and continents in a practical, fast, and free way. There are currently a ton of apps for video chats with strangers.

Today we’ve seen the BEST video chat apps with strangers, highlighting their features, benefits, and how they work. So I hope you can find one that can help you discover new friendships across the divide. The world is just a tap away!